FUTURE NRA Instructors: Discover the Secrets to Becoming Certified and Filling Your Classes without Being a Marketing Guru!
How to become certified and build an automated marketing system to fill your NRA classes (without any tech skills!)
*TRUTH: Your NRA classes CAN be full by following this proven, simple recipe.
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  • Yes, ANYONE can become an NRA Certified Instructor
  •  Yes, YOU can earn extra income protecting lives in your community
  •  NO previous instructor experience needed
  •  100% Proven Step-by-Step methods provided
  •  Completely free webclass - see if you have what it takes!
👇Who Needs to Attend This Free Training:👇
Anyone who wants to become an NRA Certified Instructor, and who wants to sign students up into their state-required concealed carry classes.
Future NRA Instructors who want more students to attend their advanced classes or workshops, including Personal Protection Inside/Outside the Home - or any other!
Anyone looking to become an NRA Certified Instructor and keep their classes full from the very beginning!
  • Watch: Bryan's Story of Duty, Honor, and Self Defense
This program not only will teach you how to MARKET to new students, but also how to build lasting relationships with each student you train!
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This Is Your Chance To Get the Secrets You Need to Succeed as an Instructor!
Once Certified, Here Are The Four Steps to Fill Your NRA Classes
Our easy to follow and proven marketing system will bring you the results you need to fill your NRA classes!

Create Simple, Easy 
Automation Systems

Keep your future students engaged and primed for signup by creating a simple and easy to use automated marketing campaign!

Automate Student Registration

You'll see how easy it is to automate sign up, payment, and reminder systems - including SMS reminders for your students to show up!

Marketing Ad

Reach the right audience that is ready to sign up using this one simple technique!

Earn More Money With More Students Signing Up!

Not only are you making money supporting the 2nd Amendment, but you're helping to keep your community safe!
"Finally, a program that gets me certified, and then actually gets students to sign up for my NRA classes. I wish I had found this program sooner!"
-Kate Paris, NRA Certified Instructor
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